Where the crawdads sing – Delia Owens

As the New York Times gracefully stated, this book was “painfully beautiful”. Delia Owens’ debut novel has conquered the heart of millions of readers until it left me no choice, but to see it for myself. The story starts by introducing us to the main character: Kya Clark. Kya is abandoned by her parents when she is six and has to learn how to provide for herself and to confront her sweeping loneliness.⁣

Living alone in the marshes of North Carolina, she finds solace in her mom’s poetry collection and in painting the fascinating wilderness surrounding her. While it seems that the odds are always against her, her coming-of-age story reveals the strength and courage of a little girl determined to overcome any challenge. ⁣

Witnessing her grow into a brave and independent woman is probably the most satisfying account of growth I have ever read..⁣

Not my typical book, yet this story impressed me until the very last page. Owens’ style is so atmospheric that her imagery made me feel as though I was walking with Kya the whole time reading. The story combines murder mystery, romance, and adventure with a mesmerizing sense of detail. A brilliant tribute to hope, loss, love and kindness. For skeptics of best-sellers, this one is one of a kind, I promise!⁣


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