Everything you’ve ever wanted – Luiza Sauma

Science-Fiction pick of the day!

Imagine that you had the opportunity to leave our technology-driven world for a more fulfilling life on another planet. This is the journey our main character Iris undertakes. Tired of the surface, shallow bonds she has, the hegemony of social media and all the screen-staring it entails, her boring job and the unhappiness slump she fell in, Iris decides to radically change her life. 

She first hears about Life on Nyx through one of her colleagues at work: a recently colonized desert planet where a life with purpose and meaning is possible. No social media, technology or banal entertainement. Instead, Nyx promises “friendship, community and genuinely interesting, useful work”. The opportunity to make a difference, to escape her routine life convinces Iris to embark on this mysterious yet exciting journey. The problem: if you go, you can’t come back. 

What will Iris miss after leaving Earth? Will this adventure be worth it, after all? 

I found the very idea of this book very interesting and I ended up liking it even more while reading it because the story explores important themes such as digital minimalism, modern life and relationships and finally, the importance of a sense of purpose. However, I think that some aspects of life on Nyx could have been described more precisely as some rules and parts left me a bit confused. 


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