When all is said – Anne Griffin

A very special book. When All is said is one of those books that profoundly moves you until you have no choice but to become attached to the characters. Anne Griffin tells the story of an old man named Maurice, who raises a toast to the five people who meant the most to him throughout his life. Each chapter untangles the events, feelings and deeply meaningful stories which define his relationship to one of those five special persons. 

Maurice is a very interesting character on his own given the funny and outspokenly sincere voice he uses to narrate his lifestory. However, the author manages to sprinkle just the right amount of oddness in the other characters to make them as mesmeric and compelling. From a bitter look at the “almosts” given by life to the shining moments of joy and pride, Maurice’s life has been laid bare to serve the beautiful themes of love, grief and family. 

I genuinely loved this book and I can’t recommend it enough especially that it can be hard to find stories that profoundly move you and leave you eager to discover other works by the author.


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