The best places to read books

We often tend to underestimate the effect of scenery and cozy places on our reading experiences. Although the story is definitely the most important part, being in an atmosphere that sets the tone and comfort for your reading time can change a lot!

Here are a few of my #bookworm places:

  1. Next to a fireplace during winter

A cozy sweater, the smell of firewood, the sound of fire crackling : coziness at its finest.

2. Cozy Cafe

A cup of tea, a window seat, potential rain outside, a heartwarming story.. what else?

3. The beach

The warm sun on your skin, a small breeze cooling the air, the salty air smell and a rom-com waiting for you.

4. Parks

Trees, plants, grass.. and even more green scenery! A soothing atmosphere for a perfect time of intense concentration.

5. Public Transportation

A MUST to forget about a busy, long commute to wherever you’re headed to.

6. Bookstores

What a better place to read than in the very home of books. An inspiring experience when surrounded by other people lost in their own stories and the simultaneous view of all the stories waiting for you.

What about you? What are your favorite places to curl up with a book and discover someone’s world?


12 thoughts on “The best places to read books

  1. Ohhh agree with all of thoses – though although I do work in a coffee shop myself, I don’t come here often to read 😂 (except on my break..) mostly because depending on the difficulty of the book, i need QUIET. Which you don’t always get ahaha.
    I should read in parks more often, though it’d help that I could go by myself and not stuck mom around to drive xd

    As my doctor is always late as he only do one day a week, I quite enjoy reading before appointments ! (Optometrist, doctor, etc,.) – my very own « public transportation », as it’s not quite upon reach for us anymore ahah


    1. Aïcha's bookshelf

      Yes waiting rooms can also be a good place to read hahaha, but I must admit I prefer parks/cozy places. I used to hate noise when reading but since I started listening to music while reading, I am more able to tolerate some background noise 😀

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      1. Yes, my favorite remains the bed – or on the couch with blankets & dogs 😅
        Genius! Although even the music would bother my reading at this stage


  2. In bed under a nice and warm blanket; perfect for when the weather gets cold. I’m not a huge fan of public transportation though since there’s a lot of noise and could easily distract me from actually making progress in my reading. Plus, I get motion sickness easily and I’d rather keep the books safe from that happening. 😅


    1. Aïcha's bookshelf

      You’re right, I used to hate reading in public transportation but I moved to London and the commute time overthere is so long that I just couldn’t waste some well-needed reading time 🙂


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