How to get out of a reading slump

It can happen to anyone even to the most faithful bookworms! No worries, a few tips and tricks and you’ll soon be going through your TBR pile again

  1. Get rid of any distraction that might be preventing you from focusing on your book

Your brain will try to find ways to make less efforts so if you have any distraction, you will be tempted to favor Instagram or binge-watching a TV show over getting lost in a beautiful story.

2. Try switching genres

I have had many experiences reading a lot of fiction and then ended up tempted to put down my book but as soon as I switched to non-fiction or any other genre, I was able to continue reading more easily. Sometimes your mind just needs a change of topic, a new story to imagine, a different writing style…

3. Join a bookclub

Many people believe that reading is meant to be a solitary experience. Wrong! Amongst the best conversations I have had were some about books and literature, it is a special way of connecting with other people and believe me, people’s excitement over a book is contagious! It can get you out of a reading slump in seconds.

4. Create a reading HABIT

Again, I can’t stress enough the important of SCHEDULING your reading time, it is the one thing that has made my TBR pile disappear so quickly. The more you do it, the more you will find it easy to stick with a book. Make it enjoyable: set up a cozy corner, bring a cup of tea…

5. Re-read in all-time favorite

Re-reading your favorite book is perhaps all it takes to remember how enjoyable it is to curl up in a corner and imagine the life of interesting, gripping characters!

It’s not a magical recipe! These are a few tips and tricks that have helped me keep a daily habit of reading a LOT!

What are your own ways of getting out of a reading slump?


15 thoughts on “How to get out of a reading slump

  1. All very good tips ! Also, if you can, switch the language you read in. Many of my slumps are created by reading too much english books in a row (second language); I then need to rinse my brain with some french reading (native). When I come back to english, my understanding and imagination gets SO much better!

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  2. Really needed this!! Been in such a reading slump think my tried to read pile is giving my TBR pile a run for its money! Definitely need to switch off my phone snuggle down and read some old faithfuls to reignite my love of reading!!! xx


    1. Aïcha's bookshelf

      of course! We don’t have to be reading ALL the time, these tips are for you know, those long reading slumps 🙂


  3. Ooooh cute choices.

    I love bringing a cup of hot/cold (depending on the weather) chocolate and read. I do have my favourite spots to read at and I go back to some of my favourite books as well to get back into the groove.


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