I finished my GoodReads 2019 challenge

I had planned to read 50 books in 2019. I might have underestimated how addicted I have been to reading this year since I already completed the challenge in July. Now I wonder if I should continue tracking my reads with the same initial goal or change it for 100.

Regardless, tracking the books I have read on Goodreads has deeply influenced my reading life because I truly felt that it motivated me. I must admit how satisfying it is to add more and more books to the list and share with friends my progress.

I look forward to reading even more books, across more diverse genres and to hopefully a year of growth and inspiration!

Here is the list of the books I read this year for now:


8 thoughts on “I finished my GoodReads 2019 challenge

  1. I did not up my goal because I’m notorious for randomly just having really long reading slumps, but I definitely went above and beyond my goal so I’m happy with my number. I hear some people kick it up by increments of 5/10 when they hit their goals.


  2. Mine is set at 50 as well yet I’ve currently read 83 lol I’m not going to up my goal because I want to see where I land for the year. Then I will use that to determine my goal for next year


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