The Tattooist of Auschwitz

An unusual read for me! I have often been skipping titles that refer to historical fiction when I am in bookstores but seeing this book as a bestseller for months in a row, I decided to give it a try and I couldn’t be more glad to have done that. Having in mind that it is based on a true story made the read even more exciting and worth it.

The story is set in the heart of the Second World War’s concentration camps in Poland where the extermination of Jews was taking place under the commandment of the Nazis. The main character is named Lale and was one of the rare Jews who was sent in the camps to work, thus saving him from the appalling destiny of the millions tortured and killed in these camps. He was appointed as the Tattooer of the camp, his main duty was to mark newcomers’ arms with a specific code designed to identify each person.

While he was tirelessly completing his daily repetitive task, Gita Furman swept him away from his routine as she made him gradually fall in love with her when he finally identified who this mysterious and beautiful woman was through her tattooed number. Lale was determined to protect her at all costs and engaged in a series of very moving & dangerous acts to protect her and prevent her from being taken to Auschwitz. This very speedy pattern to the story made me finish the book in two days as I literally felt like they both could be killed at any moment.

I enjoyed very much the descriptions that emphasized the mind-blowing continuous optimism of Lale during such inhumane and barbaric 3 years. A true tale of unbreakable hope and courage, the beauty of love and inspiring stories of bravery and compassion.


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