An evening of poetry

Strolling around old, enchanting streets on a sunny day, I could not resist the urge of entering one of my favorite bookstores in the world: Indigo. From the stylish and welcoming bookshelves, the inspiring display of creative journals and gorgeous-looking notebooks, to the very original and thought-provoking sections “#NoFilter, books that aren’t afraid to get real”, entering Indigo is an adventure in itself.

Today, I was in a very poetic and spiritual mood, which led me to stay for longer than I expected eagerly decorticating the beautiful poetry section. Amongst the titles that I read whilst at the bookstore: “Sea of strangers” and “The Universe of Us” by Lang Leav, “The complete work of Rumi” and finally, “The dark between stars” by Atticus. I enjoyed reading these works of poetry, yet the book that I loved the most was a non-fiction one: How poetry can change your heart by Megan Falley.

Poetry has always been very dear to me. In many ways. Ultimately, this book resonated with me because it thoroughly analyzed the reasons why I love it so much. The fascination created by beautiful metaphors, the unspeakable truths hidden in the chemistry of well-chosen words, storytelling crafted in soothing musicality and so much more. I have always admired the ability of a poet to find the least expected and most beautiful comparisons to express very specific feelings and emotions, along the unique use of tone and expression when it comes to spoken word to cherish sensitivity and the usually unspoken.

While reading and learning about the similar ways Megan Falley has fallen in love with poetry, I couldn’t help but deeply reflect about the moments and feelings that enable us to write creatively: the heartwarming moments of awe and wonder when looking at the world and people around us, the deep and sincere love we feel for someone dear to us, the longing we can feel for someone we miss and so much more… Poetry is in the everyday. Every moment can be seen in a poetic way when we come to realize that what we believe to be mundane is nothing but the outcome of our very own interpretations. We must cultivate our ability to feel and wonder, to witness and admire, to connect and create. There is so much beauty inside and around us, it all depends on our constant search for meaning and depth in the least expected places.

Inspiration is everywhere around us, yet we must truly believe in what Megan Falley calls the accessibility of poetry: we do not need to be gifted, talented or experts in language and imagery to be considered poets. It is an enchanting passion to pursue no matter who you are, for the sake of creating meaningful connections with the people who matter to you. I have loved writing for as long as I can remember and this book reinforced my belief in the power of words, gently encouraging me to pick up my pen and let the ink flow, freely.


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