My summer 2019 reading list

ENGLISH – Fiction:

  • Normal people by Sally Rooney
  • What I look forward to: discovering the power dynamics uncovered by the author within simple but fascinating relationships
  • The tattooist of Auschwitz by Heather Morris
  • What I look forward to: exploring the true story of unbreakable hope and courage based on survivors’ account of the Holocaust
  • A place for us by Fatima Farheen Mirza
  • What I look forward to: learning about Mirza’s own account of identity, culture and generational change
  • At home in the world: reflections on belonging while wandering the world
  • What I look forward to: reconsidering the meaning of the word belonging and gaining a deeper understanding of what it means to be a global citizen

ENGLISH – Non-Fiction:

  • Year of saying yes by Shonda Rhimes
  • What I look forward to: witnessing the life-changing outcomes of being open to new opportunities by saying yes to experiences outside of your comfort zone
  • The power of habit by Charles Duhigg
  • What I look forward to: understanding the neuroscience behind habit-inducing behaviors and what it implies in terms of shaping the course of our own lives
  • How we learn by Benedict Carey
  • What I look forward to: discovering the fascinating learning processes that we often take for granted

Français :

  • Ce que le jour doit à la nuit de Yasmina Khadra
  • Ce qui m’a attirée: la plume admirable de l’auteur qui traite un sujet important avec beaucoup d’amour et de nostalgie
  • L’âge de la connaissance d’Idriss Aberkane
  • Ce qui m’a attirée: comprendre comment l’économie de la connaissance défie toutes les lois conventionnelles associées à l’économie étudiée de façon académique

  • L’amie prodigieuse d’Elena Ferrante
  • Ce qui m’a attirée: reprendre mes anciennes habitudes littéraires puisque j’ai eu tendance à apprécier les sagas

: عربية

ميرامر للكاتب نجيب محفيظ –
ما أتطلع إليه: تحليل الرمزية المعروفة للكاتب حيث أعرف أنّ هناك استعارة مبنية على التفريق بين المعاصرة و التراث المصري

موسم الهجرة إلى الشمال لطيّب صالح-
ما أتطلع إليه: التعرّف على رأي الكاتب عن إشكالية اصتدام الثقافات

ذاكرة النسيان لمحمود درويش-
ما أتطلع إليه: النبش في أعماق روعة كتابة درويش في كلّ مضاهرها


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