We should all be feminists – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi

An impressively original tribute to Feminism. The author is known for her amazing TED TALK on Feminism in which she gives an account of her activism based on her own inspiring story. Her book is a continuity of her speech for which the delicacy of her carefully crafted words depict the cultural and ethnical identity struggle awaiting African women not only in their hometown but anywhere in the world where labels are given a priority.

Chimamanda openly discusses the limitations that stereotypes put on our thinking, a situation that could not have been better phrased than in her own words: we have evolved but our ideas of gender have not evolved much. Her own story accurately matches the widespread behaviors that women encounter on a daily basis. What I liked the most about the public manifestation of her ideas is the fact that she does not privilege women and forget men in her alarming discourse: rather, she also highlights the traditional, stubborn tendencies to stifle the humanity of men while teaching at the same time women to shrink themselves in a tribal African association of worthiness with marriage and ultimately, an unfortunate association of marriage with ownership.

Culture does not make people. People make culture. This mere causal-effect relationship clearly demonstrates the transformational power of changed behavior for what seems to be the most important step in her own opinion: abolishing the mere idea of identifying self-worth with masculinity/femininity as a given.

Another non-fiction book that I really enjoyed, not only because her thoughts and ideas make sense but also because I truly felt Chimamanda’s talent for storytelling and captivating anyone’s attention. Read the book and watch the TED talk to see for yourself!


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