How to find love in a bookshop – Veronica Henry

A book about books! What else? I absolutely loved it. I was able to feel throughout every single page that Veronica Henry is an undoubtedly passionate bookworm who knows how to capture the magic of reading as she came up with a very moving narrative set in a little village called Peasebrook. The story is about Emilia Nightingale who is grieving about the recent loss of her father Julius: the famous owner of Nightingale Bookshop. Julius was appreciated by everyone in the village as he was known for his precious recommendations, his heartwarming kindness and an inspiring generosity of his own.

Emilia has to takeover the bookshop as she faces a number of discouraging financial and practical challenges, yet her powerful connection and love for her father made her stay determined and focused on honoring what the bookshop represented for the people of Peasebrook and her father himself: their whole life. The story is full of very interesting literary references that are inferred through book recommendations to customers or Emilia’s accounts of her own favorites. As the story evolves, I got to know other characters that played important roles both in terms of saving the bookstore and their own secrets which connect them all together.

Now you might wonder why is the title of the book How to find love in a bookshop? Well, Nightingale bookshop is a special place for unexpected encounters, nurturing hope, connecting on a deeper level to people through the magic of storytelling that I will let you discover on your own, not to spoil anyone!

This book is literally a love letter to books that I was enchanted to read and witness how it reinforced my appreciation for the chemistry of well-chosen words.


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