Podcasts for bookworms

I only recently discovered that podcasts can be an amazing way to keep up-to-date with new book releases, interesting discussions between authors, learn more about a particular genre or a series and above all be introduced to your next reads!

Here is a list of podcasts I really enjoy listening to when it comes to books/literature:

  • This is a wonderful podcast for anyone who ever gets stuck in the decision-making process of choosing the next read (so many choices!)
  • Anne Bogel is an avid reader and a writer who invites authors and readers from all over the world and finds the perfect list of next books for them (in any genre according to their preferences)
  • I really like the format and how the conversation flows very easily between Anne and her guests, as if I was listening to a conversation between friends
  • Finding this podcast was for me a very exciting discovery because it is very rare to find a podcast specialized in Arabic literature!
  • It covers everything from classics to modern literature, poetry and is based on the blog called “The Arabist”
  • The presenters are truly passionate about Arabic literature which makes it even more enjoyable to listen to
  • This podcast focuses on different aspects books, language and reading
  • Amongst my favorite episodes: Is reading endangered? / The Nobel Crisis / How to hack the New York Times bestseller list

  • This podcast features a live interactive book club with authors who answer questions from readers around the world
  • The authors usually discuss their own works but often expand to other books in literature or discussions about specific areas of interest

These were my favorite ones but there are so many other interesting podcasts including

  • So many damn books
  • Meet the author
  • Lit up
  • Guardian books
  • Books on the night stand

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