How to read more

A lot of people often ask me how do you manage to find time to read with a very heavy university workload/ personal commitments? The truth is, I do struggle a lot to find time but I also believe that we make time for what we actually want to do. Instead of spending so much time on social media, if reading is a priority for me then I will try to make as much time as I can for it. I usually read before sleeping and in public transportations since I spend so much time in the tube/bus. At first, I did not have the habit as I was passively looking through the window listening to music but then I realized that I could use that time to actually be more consistent with my reading lists and above all do more justice to the books on my bookshelf!  

Another trick lies in the very fact of choosing gripping page-turner books so that you’re so eager to find out about the story that you manage to fit “reading times” all around your day. In order to do this, it is important to carry books with you almost everywhere you go as this will remind you to make time to read. Otherwise, you will endlessly wait for “the right time”. If you really want to get into the habit of reading WAY more, I suggest trying a book challenge : for example reading 52 books this year (one book per week) and monitoring your progress through the highly encouraging goodreads app.  

Also remember that you are doing for yourself! Define why you want to read more? Is it to deepen your interest in a particular field? To learn a new language? To know more about the world? To discover foreign literature or your country’s own heritage? To connect more with yourself or with others?

There is no “magic” way to start reading more unless you make a commitment for it but I hope these little tips helped!  


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