To audiobook or not?


These last years have witnessed an important spread of the resort to audiobooks to “read” more books with one of the most famous apps being “Audible”. At first, I thought it was a very good idea especially for people who spend a lot of time in public transportation.

In my case, I have a very (veryyy)  short attention span which made it very difficult to follow the stories without finding my mind wandering around 5 minutes later and having to rewind countless of times to remember what happened in the course of events. It is undoubtedly enjoyable to have a book read very expressively and feel more livelihood within the story but I also realized that I liked the endless possibilities my imagination explored when I was reading. Be it the tone of the characters, the scene etc.. I tried again and again because I had heard people saying it has changed their life and enabled them to read a lot more books and stories, still, it just did not seem to match with me so I just decided to stick to my conventional, preferred style of reading. I also became accustomed to highlighting parts that I particularly liked, scribbling notes, marking pages which I could not do anymore through audiobooks.

Not only was the practical part bothersome to me but also the obvious preference of any bookworm: having a bookshelf that contains the books you have read, enjoying the small but agreeable details pertaining to the mere act of turning pages as you get immersed in the book, choosing paperback vs Hard-cover versions and so much more!

However, I imagine that it must be easier to store every book you read in a single app without having to carry sometimes heavy works with you as well as the convenience of having a narrator reading a book while you can do something else (eh-multitasking!)

Still, I would not give up paper versions for anything!


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